Welcome to The Noelex 22 Trailer Yacht Website

The Noelex 22 trailer yacht was designed in 1968 by Noel Honey and Alex Trethewey. It quickly became the most popular trailer yacht sailing in  New Zealand, and today is still is the most prolific class of trailer yacht sailing in these southern waters with over 450 Noelex 22s registered with Yachting New Zealand.

Who we are?

The Noelex 22 Trailer Yacht Association was formed to represent the interests of the class and its members.

There are Sub Associations throughout the country to reflect the local sailing members interests and requirements.

What we do?

The Association provides centralised information via this web site, the setting of major events, administration of the class rules and constitution.

We also provides a central point for those interested in cruising, social events and boat upgrading / modification etc.

What is this?

The Noelex 22 is a 22 foot long trailer yacht and has been called the perfect all-rounder.

Primarily the design is intended as a family day sailor and restricted cruiser but clearly its sailing ability has long been established by the racing record against trailer yachts of similar size.

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